Who's Clara Rose?

Clara is my Grandmother on my maternal side & Rose is my Grandmother on my Father’s side. Both of these women were extremely influential in my life before they transitioned and this is my way of paying homage to them.

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Pronounceable Ingredients

I began to handcraft organic body products in 2013 after I suddenly became allergic to many of the ingredients in commercial items I’d recently bought.


I studied the ingredients of every bottle I had previously bought. It was a tedious job because the big companies would use alternate names for things I was allergic to.

After having some testing done, I discovered that I was often allergic to the dye, certain fragrances, lanolin, etc. that were present in most of the big brand solutions.

Clara Rose Products are Organic and Handmade

Instead of continuously experiencing issues and allergic reactions, I decided to make my own products, with pronounceable ingredients, so I and others like me could live a little closer to worry-free.

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